Large Format Print

We will print you what you want. Everything from business cards to megaboard. In minimum time and at reasonable prices. This is Adler print!

Billboard, BigBoard, MegaBoard

Bigboards are big advertising spaces printed on paper or foil that are to be used in exterior. Bigboards are printed in standard dimensions 960x360 cm. Bigboard Bratislava, Slovakia – what is the price of your bigboard?

Fill in your online order, please; we will calculate your price within 24 hours.

Poster, Citylight, Photopaper

The production and print of posters. The creation of posters – posters, xl posters. The production and print of posters tailored to your needs. We can make your poster in various forms and from various materials.


Stickers, decorative stickers, self-adhesive foils and self-adhesive wallpaper of various kinds, suitable for exterior, interior. Matt, glistening, transparent, window or floor sticker and self-adhesive foil tailored to your needs.The price of sticker depends on your choice of material, dimensions, etc.

Banner, Mesh

Advertising banners and advertising cloth of various sizes, canvas, PVC banners –PVC canvas.

Do you need to make an advertising banner on building façade ? Mesh is PVC mesh that will never disappoint you.


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